With half-moon shape of sloped, white-powdery beach considered the most beautiful on the island, Patong was the first beach in Phuket that was developed to serve local and international tourists. The three-kilometer beach is now Phuket’s tourist central with the most choices of accommodations, restaurants, spas, tourist-related services and shopping venues. The vibe here is dynamic so it lures in more of younger tourists who love to experience the fun and challenging water sports such as jet ski, wind surf and parasail. At the center of Patong finds Bang La, a nightlife central with selections of bars and clubs for every preferences.

 Here are more attractions in Patong / and near  Patong Beach.
Bangla Road Nightlife 
No visit to Phuket is complete without seeing Patong's liveliest party zone. Famous for its raunchy nightlife, Soi Bangla offers an incredible entertainment area filled with girls, drinks and music that increases in volume as the moon rises. Jammed most nights throughout the year, it's an unthreatening and lively place to walk around as bars compete for customers. With beer bars, go-gos, live music, dining, market stalls, street performances and international-standard nightclubs, there is something for most tastes.

Jungceylon, The International Shopping & Leisure Destination in Patong, Phuket. Jungceylon is the name that was used for Phuket Island over 100 years ago. The island was known for its wealth from international trade and its wealth of natural beauty. Now the name “Jungceylon” is used as the name of the largest and most modern shopping center in the southern part of Thailand, covering an area of 200,000 square meters in the center of Patong Beach with parking space for 100 coaches and 2,000 cars.
     Jungceylon is ready to welcome visitors from every corner of the globe, offering a fantastic experience of unlimited fun shopping and leisure in style.

Spas and massages 
An important part of any stay in Thailand is at least one Thai massage. The unique techniques and skilled practitioners of the country makes this a truly amazing and relaxing experience. Patong has a wealth of such places, ranging from simple cheap establishments offering a fairly basic selection of massages where you can ease your aching feet for an hour up to lavish spas offering signature treatments which can last the whole day, including body scrubs and steam rooms. 

Surf House Patong 
Surf House Patong Beach which is a vibrant surf centre on Patong’s Beach Road, just over the road from the Immigration office and the famous sandy Patong Beach beyond. It’s a fun flow ride facility where you can learn to surf in a safe and controlled environment. The second outlet of the famous Surf House in Kata Beach, the Patong Beach branch has a similar size of flow-rider. It can be divided up into a range of lanes that provide you with ‘sheet waves’ that you can surf on as if they were waves in the ocean. Due to the water speed around you, this is a wild ride that can be enjoyed by all different levels of experience. Surf sessions here start from 1,000 baht for a one-hour session. 
Opening Hours : 09:30 – 24:00
Location : Opposite Immigration Office, Beach Road, Patong

Patong Boxing Stadium 
Famous for its brutality, Muay Thai has become a popular martial art around the world. As the name suggests, it started out in Thailand and there is no better place to see it done well in regular bouts than in its home country. Patong has two stadiums – Patong Boxing Stadium and Bangla Boxing Stadium – but the former is considered the more ‘real’. It is not so much about the show and more about champions of their craft going head-to-head at the centre of a lively and excited crowd

Patong Go-Kart Speedway 
Patong Go-Kart Speedway is a fun and rip-roaring activity for the whole family located at the feet of Patong Hill’s Kathu side. The race track is 750m long and has a series of sharp curves, smooth bends, and a long straight start/finish lane allowing acceleration. Opened in 1991 and managed by a German national, it is handled by a professional and dedicated Thai team. Anyone with a passion for motor racing should definitely check out this place. 

Kathu Waterfall 
A popular weekend spot for locals to chillout and enjoy themselves, Kathu Waterfall consists of a series of drop pools that are sometimes gushing with rainwater and sometimes not. The best time to go is from June to November when there is plenty of monsoon water but it’s advisable not to go when it’s actually raining as things can get rather slippery underfoot. If you want to get to the very top of Kathu Waterfall, expect a hard climb, though the beautiful scenery justifies the effort. Right at the top there’s a pool in which you can take a dip and there are ‘drop pools’ stationed along the way up to cool off in. Most of the way up comprises stairs and is shaded so you can stop and take rests at will, too.

Laem Phromthep

Most photographs of the stunningly beautiful sunset in Phuket were taken here: Laem Phromthep at the south-most tip of Phuket island offers a memorable, unparalleled sunset moment on a clear day. Go early and sit back to enjoy the sun setting behind the Andaman sea. With its landscape easily recognizable by sailors, it is also the location of the 50-feet-tall Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse, erected in 1996 to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the king’s 50th anniversary of his accession to the throne.

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